good morning friends, Hope you managed to recover from the events of recent horror, And how well the Land of the Sun at least smile at us most of the time. In light of the growing housing, I show you that you can get along in Tiny. The house pictured below can only show you, How beautiful and functional can be a small space. It may not be the best time to irritate you with European homes, But you can always take inspiration.

Pearl included here is actually a house for sale (If any of you think of moving to Sweden in the near future :-)) Size approximately – 50 M”See only, And if you have a case about 870,000 That”Report Availability, You are invited to submit a proposal. It's amazing how sometimes, Specifically small places we should leave the biggest impression. Beautiful images of Janne Olander.

And I suppose you'll find under the house…

From the website of homes for sale stadshem.