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This terrible period in the shadow of a war whose end is not in sight, Leaving me unable to breathe since the 7 Bloody October. הדרך היחידה שלי להתמודד היא לבשל ולאפות או לברוח לשדות עם פיפה 🙁 רציתי להמליץ לכם על מרק מעולה לימים הקרירים, הוא טעים מאוד ומשביע. אחרי מספר ניסיונות של כל מיני מתכונים מהרשת, And changes I made to each of them, I came up with a result that everyone liked. Feel free to try if you feel like it, And write if you liked it..

Hello favorites, Recently I came across some recipes of orange lentil and chard soup, But after several attempts, This is the one to which we have all become addicted. A soup rich in deep flavors with a lemony twist that you won't want to stop eating until the whole pot is over. It is very simple to prepare and is just right for cool fall or winter days (Not exactly our hottest January, But still.… Worthwhile). I know I'm not really active on the blog anymore, אבל מאחר והוא משמש כספר המתכונים שלי, מוסיפה לכם כאן גם את המרק הזה. 🙂 חוצמזה הכל בסדר יחסית למצב הכללי המטורלל בארצנו הקטנה והחמימה. אני תמיד שמחה לשמור איתכם על קשר. שתהיה שבת טובה!

מרק פורטוגזי

Nothing like a plate of hot soup on a rainy day., And it seems what we expected from tonight and this weekend. – Rainy morning. So I wanted to steal two minutes and to prescribe how to make in a few minutes the soup and so delicious., Who accompanied us on the trip to Portugal in almost every restaurant we visited her.. In Portugal as in Portugal, All calls to the ground., The marble bases. Almost no seasonings, And cook with what you have.. Soup of three components: Potatoes, Some carrots and a few leaves of white cabbage. And that's it.. Click here.

You can not deny the fact that the fall is here. This year, just in time. While it's still warm here and there, Winds let cool evening, treat yourself to a good soup. Years of back and forth to Italy, Soup always bring me back to the one and only no one will ever tell him not. Minestrone. Is insanely delicious, Easy preparation and filling. He has a million versions, And may change at any time depending on the contents of your fridge preparation. But he went out to right, But really tasty, Click here.

For bad weather days just like today, I do feel like tomato soup steaming. I bought a loaf of warm bread breakfast domestic consumer has made me even more desire to immerse it in something hot and tasty 12 At exactly noon. So if you're into, I drew you a simple recipe book is one of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver, I figured that you are busy with the affairs of Hanukkah. Jamie's School, “Jamie’s Dinners“, Is one of the more numbers called my kitchen. So I am sending you the post and going to cook. You are invited to join. (Cover photo Jamie Oliver)

Winter weather and stormy course, is an invitation to a good hot soup. I thought that maybe you wonder what to prepare for lunch. So here is a recommendation soup Excellent, It takes real 10 Minutes of preparation and is delicious, Especially the next day. If you do not have all the ingredients at home, This is an opportunity to jump to the grocery store and organize the deficiencies, Just before this storm strike us completely homes. Go to prepare and tell me how did you. My promise, It is excellent!

There's nothing like hot soup on a rainy winter day as it came. This tasty soup Ayelet Hirschman tried for the first time last week, And devoured an entire pot in a day. Cauliflower inflorescence nice to me, And there is something festive. Is the sister of broccoli and unparalleled taste. Rich in vitamin C, And usually we eat the same salad, Crusted, Baked or fried. I love even half the cauliflower cooking, They are still crunchy, With little grinding, Salt and lemon on them. But this soup is news to me, And it was the most delicious surprise. כנסו.צילוםשער: צילום ל Ynet: Joseph Celis, Styling :נטשה חיימוביץ’, Kitchen towel: רוני דה ליידה 🙂

Now that no longer have to make excuses to make soup, You can start to pull the noodle recipes winter. There's nothing like hot tomato soup spiced properly to begin with cozy evening at home. This time you try the soup is lazy younger brother of Hminstronh. It has an Italian version and pasta e fagioli is called, And includes tomatoes and white beans. I normally, There are several versions of my own diversity. I make it generally when there's nothing in the house and I'm starving. Taking 10 Minutes to make it and is very nutritious and filling. So come to the pantry to see what's there. Here's what you need.

Today I made you Italian chickpea soup, Especially for inclement weather. This is one of my favorite soups. It is very simple to prepare, Satisfactory, Nutritious and so tasty, Just fall in love with him. The ingredients are at hand in almost every home, Although not many people know it. He comes to us from Tuscany, County dreams, And reflects the simple life there, And connection to the land. Try it today and I promise you wont be disappointed.

French Onion Soup

This post is dedicated entirely to love Linda turned to me please dear special onion soup recipe. The truth is that I planned to write to you about another topic, But she asked so nicely I could not refuse. Steaming onion soup is served, accompanied by toasted bread or croutons and cheese especially suitable for high-quality winter days bad weather, Even if we pretend. So few words about Mr. Onions. It is rich in vitamin C, Magnesium and dietary fiber. It is used Cantbiotikh natural for us to fight aging, Sore throats and hoarseness. It lowers cholesterol and fats in the blood and prevents heart disease.