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This terrible period in the shadow of a war whose end is not in sight, Leaving me unable to breathe since the 7 Bloody October. הדרך היחידה שלי להתמודד היא לבשל ולאפות או לברוח לשדות עם פיפה 🙁 רציתי להמליץ לכם על מרק מעולה לימים הקרירים, הוא טעים מאוד ומשביע. אחרי מספר ניסיונות של כל מיני מתכונים מהרשת, And changes I made to each of them, I came up with a result that everyone liked. Feel free to try if you feel like it, And write if you liked it..

Hello favorites, Recently I came across some recipes of orange lentil and chard soup, But after several attempts, This is the one to which we have all become addicted. A soup rich in deep flavors with a lemony twist that you won't want to stop eating until the whole pot is over. It is very simple to prepare and is just right for cool fall or winter days (Not exactly our hottest January, But still.… Worthwhile). I know I'm not really active on the blog anymore, אבל מאחר והוא משמש כספר המתכונים שלי, מוסיפה לכם כאן גם את המרק הזה. 🙂 חוצמזה הכל בסדר יחסית למצב הכללי המטורלל בארצנו הקטנה והחמימה. אני תמיד שמחה לשמור איתכם על קשר. שתהיה שבת טובה!

תפוא ובצל בקארי

It'il probably be the best potatoes you've ever eaten., And I promise you, after you try them in this way,, I doubt you will return to make extra potatoes.”In some other way.. Anything you've made so far is just going to erase.! It takes five minutes to make, And they're all wet from the inside., From outside, Seasoned just if accompanied by a tender onion and all your taimmmm. In short, You have to try. I found the recipe somewhere online., וכבר תקופה ארוכה שהתמכרתי. סוף סוף זכרתי גם לצלם 🙂

Apple pie with crisp dough

One of my dreams is to make a yummy apple pie from start to finish, That is, Including the dough. I'm afraid I'm not there yet., And so they will be satisfied with the prepared., That sometimes you go cool. (Mostly salty), And sometimes it's jamming my recipe.. In the case of this apple pie, That's really easy to make, and it comes out so delicious. (Mostly with a sundae ball next to it., But also completely without), The result didn't come out the way I expected, and it came out more like carhumble than Pai., But the taste was exquisite., And the pie's been terminated the next day.. So here's the recipe., Including the dough for anyone who's not me and has no two-handed-out problems.. The good news is…

Fresh herbs have already become part of my daily routine in the kitchen., And if I used to use the most-prepared metabolic systems, I've recently adopted a more fresh approach to life and I'm picking them right out of my garden.. Herbs and spices Add a lot of flavor to food., But beyond, They're just so beautiful.! All its unique leaf and shape, The gorgeous green shades and aroma….Pleasure. To ask some of the readers to receive the recipe of cookies Thmontan was posted here in the previous post, I'm bringing the salty recipe. (There is also a sweet version later in the post). You can prepare for the weekend and indulge in a cup of tea or wine and a good movie. Original photos and recipe courtesy of Sue from the blog The View from Great Island…

Turkey cutlets and fried carrots

Isn't frying a better way to consume food, But let's be real., It's the best way to eat meatballs.! And recently, When I try to reduce the consumption of red meat, The Indian breast has become a worthy and even delicious substitute. A recipe I found online and tried, Added to my set menu. He's really just being prepared., And the meatballs can go well in pita with Tehina and salad. (Well well, No pita.) Or rice, Flakes or potatoes (Well well, No carbs.) So only with vegetables. They're in 15 minutes.. I know you can bake them too., But for me – There's a limit to how much compromises I can make., So I just don't…

Easy cake weeks without baking

Hello dear, I wanted to share a delicious cake made by us firm Anna talented weight. Really simple cake (Team tortoise-desserts exactly me.), והיא מרשימה ומרעננת ממש בזמן לחג שבועות. You can make it with extra cheese., Or only with vanilla cream, And upgrade it with coconut or chocolate crumbs.. So here's the recipe., Click here. Photo: Ronnie de Lleida.

How nice that spring is here, And great rashes around mark us no matter what on diary, His nature is doing and never disappointing., And the Earth, The country is flowing with milk and honey., No matter which side of the election, do you. Today I wanted to pamper you with tasty and easy to prepare, To have something to fantasize about a lunch or dinner. I usually don't eat fish., But a diet menu force me to include them on the list., Which I really liked about a variety of variants. Here's the recipe..

Lemon cake

Winter brings a lot of good things.. The next best thing after the rain of course., Is the lemon. Beautiful yellow fruit., Full aromas and properties, The other thing that I like best after chocolate.. Fortunately I have a lush lemon tree house, Where I eat,Drink, Cleanses and heals almost everything. But there is no, No, No, Like lemon cake of Saturday morning.. It is simple to make., And she being eaten in seconds. The original recipe of NAT augio (Obvious.) She scraped my abilities limited keeps slowly. I recommend you to go and fix it right now..

מרק פורטוגזי

Nothing like a plate of hot soup on a rainy day., And it seems what we expected from tonight and this weekend. – Rainy morning. So I wanted to steal two minutes and to prescribe how to make in a few minutes the soup and so delicious., Who accompanied us on the trip to Portugal in almost every restaurant we visited her.. In Portugal as in Portugal, All calls to the ground., The marble bases. Almost no seasonings, And cook with what you have.. Soup of three components: Potatoes, Some carrots and a few leaves of white cabbage. And that's it.. Click here.