Is often the most neglected room in. It is the most far cornered the eye, It piled piles rejected win. Us, No one likes to deal with dirty laundry, Fold (Nightmare), Or iron. But what can you do, Is needed in every home. You can not without it unless, You still use the services of a mother or the nearest laundromat. So how can make this Hmafn room the most fun place to be at home? Let's see.

Anyway you look at it, Laundry is one of the tasks that robs us the most time between housework, So why not take a look reality in the face and we will upgrade it? What more simply investing in a work week instead of having organized, Fun and effective domestic work as required? I wanted to show you that with a little initiative and common sense, Can be produced in a small room warm and cozy place for washing, Drying, Ironing and, Even storage of all accessories that can not be without.

If you're into, First of all, the current corner turned everything in it and start again. Place the washer and dryer (if there is) And measured the remaining place you around. Today there are a lot of options in the modular storage units, And you can also order them by Carpenter to order. Think of each area at your disposal and take it down. Open shelves or closed, Rack behind the door, Facility hidden wall ironing boards. Laundry basket Smart, And anything that can help you keep that little space is organized.

She chose colors, Just like every room in the house photo: Pinterest
Jaffa her with a special Accessories: Laundry baskets, Bottles preparations, Bowls and baskets

If you are still in home construction, Give a thought (Or ask the designer / architect) Note the location of the appropriate floor laundry area home, You do not have to carry, Up and down unnecessary places with piles of laundry hampers. It would be nice if you could turn the corner in natural light from the window and add a plant or two with pleasant aromas. Give some thought to easy folding, And create any work surface near the drying machine, If this is enabled.

You can attach it to the kitchen or bathroom if there is no room service, And hide in a closet
A nice add an internal suspension also adds character photo:
Special wooden hangers and metal cans for storing powders and sticks
Make sure to workspace, Even small side of the drying machine / Laundry
Try to find creative corner ironing board photo storage site: Country Living

Keep the area clean and tidy laundry, All this is supposed to be the cleanest room at home.. Baside that, You can draw a picture collector ideas gathered for network. Experience!

There is a special investment even in the laundry room.. Sliding door burials
Laundry basket Creative Photography: Pinterest
And, There is room wallpaper images even in the laundry room
For lovers Hointiig’ Among you…
There's nothing like items we love photography: Site Apartmenttherapy
Houseplants always add atmosphere
Lighting also could use a cool photo:Anne Charlotte Photography/Pinterest


Internal rack made of wood. Fold and Hope, he's gone!
Laundry room, according to Marta photo:Martha Stewart