Yes, Weren't wrong! I went to visit the city of Jesus – The Town of Jesus or as it is called: Capernaum National Park, Near Kinneret. It's been a long time., But I suddenly found the photos and thought why not share…
A fan of history and archaeology, I find that ruins are quite charming., And try to imagine how life was conducted in ancient times, And how different they are from our lives today.. I have even a secret longing to go back in time. (Especially now!) And check with the pre-residents who lived there., If they were happy to trade with us.... On Saturday morning summer one went to visit the place where all Christianity was carrying her eyes., The Village of Christ. Photography: Ronnie de Lleida.

Capernaum was a Jewish settlement that was established in the 2nd century BCE”S.. It was destroyed in an earthquake in 749 And was not restored until the Franciscan, who bought the land in the 19th century and began to rebuild the place. Its location in the northern Kinneret, A short drive away from other important Christian sites such as the Mt of Beatitudes., Church of the St. Peter and the Church of the bread and fish in Tabgha. On the entrance gate to the village of Nahum says the sign Capernaum – & #8216; the City of Jesus’ As well as in the New Testament, The essence of Jesus ' activity in the north was in the village of Nahum, From there he went across the Galilee to perform miracles and go out in sermons..

According to the history stories, Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth. After being baptized in Jordan by John the Baptist returned to Nazareth, but his city officials rejected him and he moved to the village of Nahum.. He lived in the village for three years-from his baptism in Jordan until his last week. Most of the new chapters deal with this period described in the backdrop of the landscapes of the Kinneret basin.. In the village of Nahum Jesus chooses the Twelve Apostles, Eleven of them came from a Galilee area., (Five of them from Capernaum: Peter, Landry, Jacob, John and when) The only messenger that wasn't a Galilean was Judas., The apostle who ultimately betrayed Jesus. The village of Nahum is mentioned above 50 times in the New Testament and is the site most mentioned after Jerusalem.. Rob Therio, Of his messages, And the complement that Jesus uses comes from this Galilean region and includes water, Boats, Fish and fishermen. There are two remains of interesting buildings in the place.:

Home of Peter – According to the New Testament Jesus sleeps in the home of Peter, And Peter was chosen to be the Apostle of Christ after his death., Therefore, his house is considered sacred in the eyes of Christians.. This is actually the world's first church house., The place where the believers in Jesus were gathered. The place is also known for its Latin name – Domus Ecclesia Domus Ecclesia. The House of Peter is in the area where there were simple dwellings., An area that later received the name of the Sacraa Montmartre – the Holy Quarter in Latin (Insula SACRA). The house is mentioned in the New Testament as a place where Jesus cured the honey of Peter and many others. From the mid-first century AD the room changes its vocation and becomes a pilgrimage site. There were several layers of plaster and inscriptions in various languages reminiscent of Jesus and many Christian symbols. The archeological findings indicate that the place will be maintained over the centuries and the duration of pilgrims from near and afar. In the fifth century the compound becomes a well-funded church.. The church is mentioned in the writings of pilgrims who visited the village of Nachum in the 6th century. Today, Above these remains is a modern church built in the 90 in the form of a ship and looks hovers in the air above the remains of the old church and the Holy Room. In the pre-church courtyard., A modern statue of Peter and his hands are down with shepherds and keys. The statue was placed towards Pope John Paul II in 2000. Peter is considered the first pope, and therefore, for Catholics, there is a great importance to wherever he worked for Peter..

Franciscan Monastery in Capernaum
The octagonal church that looks like a floating ship.
The ruins of the ancient church below…
A statue of Peter posted at the entrance towards the Eppure visit in 2000

Synagogue – There are remnants of an impressive limestone synagogue that is located above the remains of another synagogue made of basalt., And it is mentioned many in the New Testament. The first synagogue dates to the 5th century CE. The limestone stones that were brought from afar and the numerous decorations attest to a Jewish-based settlement that took place in the Byzantine period.. The synagogue was founded five hundred years after Jesus worked in the village of Nahum but the Franciscan synagogue is claiming that the Temple of Christ is under the existing synagogue today. The archeological park around the synagogue exhibits columns and titles found in the area. Some can see inscriptions in ancient Hebrew and Jewish symbols.

I'm addicted to the ruins.

From there we went to the Church of the Twelve Apostles who were mystical.. It lies right near the water on the northern coast of the Sea of Galilee., A place to sit next to him and just ponder. The church was established in 1931 And it is located in the hall of Capernaum., About 150 meters east of the Catholic-Franciscan Temple of St. Peter. Instead of a small monastery with lonely monks. The Little church is carrying 12 Red Yarmulkes, And fixed with colored windows. Inside, almost all its walls are adorned with rich murals that draw artists from Greece..

Church of the Twelve Apostles

Around the monastery and the church a beautiful garden
A couple of royal peacocks got our faces.

We had a unique position in Tiberias., And we even stopped at the Scottish hotel to admire the structure. I don't remember where we had lunch., But many restaurants and cafes in the area will offer you a sumptuous meal, And a picnic in the Kinneret is completely out of the question.. Total Day trip not far, Interesting and enjoyable., That makes you think of the essence of the Holy Land to the three religions and its ancient history that affects millions of people in the world. And we have the right to live in it and visit these sites a distance away. You'll have a good Saturday!

And there's nothing like our beautiful sea of Galilee., The Sea of Galilee where they say, Walk on Water