I know the designer Sharon Alon not from now on, But a house of her design caught my eye online and brought us to meet again, So we discovered that we had quite a bit in common, More from the days of Biggie Best :-). After an extensive periodic review of tuna sandwich and orange juice on a sweltering day, I decided that you must know this talent as well. After living with her family in Scotland for six years on a mission, You can definitely feel the fresh European spirit blowing from her personal style. There's something authentic about her that I haven't come across in a long time, And there is no doubt that she conveys it in a design that touches her customers with the soul. She is attentive to the feelings of the members of the household and accompanies them in a truly emotional experience, Such a life-changing. Whether it's a new home built from scratch or renovating or upgrading an existing home, Sharon sheds a different touch in her designs and goes into great detail down to the last of the buttons, Perfectly customized for the homeless. Her houses are photographed exactly as they are in real life, No special styling for photos, what you see is what you get. מוזמנים להכנס לכל היופי הזה. About the stunning photos: Shai Adam.

I would love to have a breakfest in this kitchen…. Interior design: שרון אלון צילום: Shai Adam

The house before you was designed by Sharon for a warm and homely family living in the Sharon area, And what started out as a request to dress the house quickly turned into quite a renovation project, which includes a change of kitchen, Replacement of interior and exterior cladding, Flooring and parquet installation, Replacing the front door, Lighting and carpentry work throughout the house, Choosing textiles and more. The style chosen was warm eclectic, In it, Alon incorporated items of the owners who have accompanied them since childhood, Like the wooden chest in the kitchen, Hat rack in the living room, An old armchair upholstered and pictures reframed with a lot of love and hung in different clusters. The beautiful items incorporated into the décor are a pleasant reminder of the owners' points in time. They are polished under Sharon's delicate hands and given new life for the rest of the journey, And the textiles it incorporates, Very meticulous and precisely adapted to any space.

View from the living room to the open kitchen and the lovingly renovated old library. Photo: Shai Adam

העץ החם הזה, כמו חיבוק ממישהו קרוב צילום: Shai Adam

“In the craft of design hides quite a bit of psychology, And I find that home design is actually a therapeutic process that clients go through with me in implementing their wishes and everything that gives them confidence, Calm and tranquility at the end of each day and of course practicality in everyday life as a family. Both the path and the outcome are often life-changing for them, And I am more than happy to accompany them through this emotional and delicate process. I devote myself entirely to the process and treat the task and budget as if they were my own, And out of my own pocket. Everything is very personal and accurate”.

בחירת חומרים טבעיים ופלטת צבעים נעימה וחמה. I do not know about you, אני הייתי לוקחת את הוילון איתי 🙂 צילום: Shai Adam

אוהבת את גווני החום והבורדו צילום: Shai Adam

The pampering living room in earthy colors Photo: Shai Adam

Photo: Shai Adam

14Photo: Shai Adam

2חדר השינה צילום: Shai Adam


12חמימות נעימה גם בחדר הרחצה צילום: Shai Adam

10פינת הישיבה בחוץ ממשיכה את עיצוב הפנים באופן טבעי ונעים צילום: Shai Adam

13מבט אל הכניסה, כמה מזמין 🙂 צילום: Shai Adam

כהמשך טבעי לעבודת עיצוב הפנים, מעצבת שרון גם גינות וחללי החוץ, והם יפים לא פחות! For more works by Sharon Alon you are invited to follow her Facebook page Or Instagram of the. Have a relaxing, chilly week.