One of the things that kept me sane during the corona closure was, of course, my favorite home., But mostly the atmosphere where, I created with a magical rustic design that includes some items that I really love. Some of these items are from the house of the creator of a huge inspiration for me., Christina Strutt. For those who don't know, Christina is the brand creator and owner of the British store. Cabbages & Roses, Which was established in 2000 Home Kitchen, And which has quickly become one of the most familiar and beloved lifestyle fashion brands in England and the whole world.. As you already know, Textiles and fabrics are a serious addiction., And Cristina's were just snuck into my skin and into my heart.. I've been following her for ten years., All new book and creation. Her romantic, magical style follows the world's mass, And you're welcome to fall in love with him too.. (Photographs courtesy of Christina Strutt)

She began her way as a journalist and editor in the English Vouge Living., Somewhere in the 1970s, In the role that none of you who read this post now would refuse him.. As a interior designer, Her job was to find the most beautiful houses in the kingdom., Swing at them with her magic wand and her styling for the magazine. She made a journal and in the glittering London life., But her heart always belonged to rural innocence. When she married and moved to Brook Cottage in Somerset which was near the city of Bath, Something burning her to create and translate her dreams to a reality. What began in her garden of greenery (She's addicted to.) As seedlings of the Rose rifles, Soon became romantic dreams printed on top of quality linen fabrics as the best English tradition of weaving fabrics.

The amazing fabrics collection of C&R shines every room and stays beautiful forever

Cabbages & Roses Transformed into a unique fashion brand with clothes reminiscent of a rustic, once in a modern version, With maximum comfort and gorgeous colors, Next to it is the Textiles & home Dress Collections. The original & #8217; store opened in Chile, London and there was nothing to do with its unique design, Was copied in 2018 To Midhurst. I visited her regularly on every trip to London and she had an endless inspiration for me.. Today, Its products can be purchased at the shop in Midharst and the company's website: Clothing, Fabrics, Tetets, Books and fragrances for home. The good news this time, Is that there are deliveries to the country as well! The remaining home design products that are discontinued and are wanted to date, Can be obtained in vintage fairs’ Different in England., And maybe soon some of them will be back in stock.. Among the favorite products of once included linens, Tablecloths, Curtains, מגבות וכריות נוי כמו אלה בתמונות מטה. Cristina also produced several books., That there's no day I don't inspire.. The last digit Living Life Beautifully Published in 2014, The year was reprinted with another edition.

Who can stand this beauty say?

Cabbages & Roses
Out of the fashion collection of spring 2020

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Brook Cottage where Cristina lives with her family undoubtedly is an inexhaustible source of her product development. The quiet and rustic lifestyle is well manifested in all her works, And what speaks to her in particular is the real things in life: Family, Friends, Nature. The items and textiles that Christina designs are the essence of English essence.: Stripes, Tiles and flowers. Faded prints, Tartan and a magical color, which is not fleeting in time, But just deepens our affection for her.. Shades of blue and turquoise, * Faded pink and strong *, And Gray and black that put presence and background to the spaces. Fashion Blane you will find English markers with an updated twist with an emphasis on comfort and classic that remains current.

Brook Cottage

קוטג’ The stone that was built around the year 1500 (!) Served in the years past Grgorianis monks as a mill and is situated among the picturesque hills of Somerset. Christina designed it, of course, with items of C.&R, But the most conquering thing for my taste is the simplicity. Raw materials, The personal items, Colors. He became loved by her followers., And the loft where also rented as a recreation unit in airbnb If you'd like to stay in it..

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If you ever wondered why I am so involved in English and England brands at all, Well, התשובה הקצרה נעוצה במילה craftsmanship אשר נשמרה היטב באנגליה, And she is known for the qualities that pass through generations in families.. Furniture Manufacturing, אריגת בדים ושטיחים, Handmade embroidery, כלי פורצלן, חימר וקרמיקה, Pattern and many more arts which have long since become a cheap and available trading in other places in the world, Well-preserved in England., Adhering to an uncompromising quality, Glossy design and longevity of selected raw materials. Such are also the items of C&R produced in England in the tradition of a time. And I, I'm in love, And so happy about the opportunity to talk to Cristina.
!Thank You Christina, for sharing your beautiful home with us

Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt
Photographs are courtesy of Christina Strutt

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